EDU21 offers a variety of innovative educational programs in collaboration with institutions in the U.S. and China. The following are some of the programs that are currently being offered:



Innovation Club   创新俱乐部

Path of Success for Innovators of Tomorrow 成功之路为未来的创新者

Path of Success ideally begins in early childhood and is built upon throughout one’s life. The foundation of a meaningful and fulfilling life is based upon what we learn and what we do with it. Parents, teachers and community members can play a major role in guiding children and teens to learn and apply practical and life skills that are needed in today’s complex and fast-pace global community.  Path of Success for Innovators of tomorrow is a progressive empowerment program focused on nurturing teens (ages 12-14) to develop their capacities and social skills as well as help build their mental capabilities and learn healthy habits. The program works in collaboration with parents, and community members. We provide the facilitators & materials on the latest innovative initiatives, programs and concepts worldwide.

理想情况下,成功之路始于儿童早期,并贯穿于其一生。 有意义和充实的生活的基础是基于我们学到的知识以及我们对生活的处理方式。 父母,老师和社区成员可以在引导儿童和青少年学习和应用当今复杂而快速的全球社区所需的实践和生活技能方面发挥重要作用。

成功之路为未来创新者是一项渐进式的赋权计划,旨在培养青少年(12-14岁),以发展他们的能力和社交技能,并帮助他们建立心理能力和学习健康的习惯。 该计划与父母和社区成员合作。 我们的中心提供有关全球最新创新计划,计划和概念的协调人和资料。


Integrated Education Model and Framework 整合教育模式和框架

The comprehensive development of human capacities requires a holistic approach and an integrated education model where the physical, intellectual and spiritual potential of the individuals are all nurtured. Whether we are contributing to the education of children, youth or adults, it’s important that the framework for our program includes values, community connections, creativity, innovation, service, health and the environment. EDU21 is currently developing a framework for the development of human capacities based on the integrated education model. This framework can be partially or completely adopted by childhood development programs as well as traditional schools and educational institutions.

人的潜力全面发展需要整体方法和整合教育模式,其中个人的身体,智力和精神潜能都得到培养。 无论我们是为儿童,青年还是成年人的教育作出贡献,我们的计划框架必须包括价值观,社区联系,创造力,创新,服务,建康和环境。 EDU21目前正在制定一个基于整合教育模式发展人力能力的框架。 这一框架可以部分或完全由儿童发展方案以及传统学校和教育机构采用。


Teacher Training Seminars 教师培训研讨班

Teaching is the oldest and most noble profession. The teacher plays an essential role in our life and therefore we highly respect and revere the teacher. In order for the teacher to be highly effective and to optimize the teacher’s efforts to educate, constant preparation and training is required. Here, the use of technology, multi-media and internet is critical as modern teaching tools while building relations and connecting with students is vital to the development of their talents and mindset. In this 7-day seminar the focus is on modern teaching tools and techniques as well as helping students with character development in a social and global context.    

教师是最古老和最为人尊敬的职业。老师在我们的生活中起着至关重要的作用,因此,我们极为尊重和崇敬我们的老师。为了提高教学质量和优化教师的教育工作,定期的培训是十分必要的。 使用先进的技术,多媒体和互联网作为现代化的教学工具是至关重要的,与此同时,和学生建立一种良好的互动关系将有利于学生才智和思维的发展。这7天的研讨会将重点讨论现代教学工具和技术,以及如何培养适于社会和全球发展的新型人才。


Language Immersion Program in English or Chinese 英语及中文短期强化培训班

Whether you are in a home-stay program in the US where the only language spoken is English or you wish to spend time at our Chinese Language Immersion Center in China, we offer a variety of means where you can quickly acquire the needed skills to communicate in the new language.



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