EDU21 research is focused on new models of education, emerging fields of study and the use of technology to inform and educate.  We realize that some of the traditional assumptions about the role of education and methods of learning are changing as we have broader access to information and knowledge through the internet and media. In this light, the role of the teachers and effective teaching methods are critical to a meaningful educational program while the parents are the key support in the process of educating the new generation. We are also finding that wider participation by the community and one-on-one mentoring is proving to be extremely effective in maximizing human potential and reaching new levels of understanding. 

EDU21关注新兴的教育模式,新兴科学领域的研究和发展以及现代科学技术的应用和普及。随着互联网和媒体的飞跃发展,传统意义上的 教育模式,观念和方法正在不断地改变。有鉴于此,在家长们大力支持新一代教育的同时,教师及有效的教学方法对于有意义的教育方案起着至关重要的作用。我们发现,更广泛地社会参与和一对一的辅导对极大限度地发挥个人的潜力,提高人的认知水平有着非同凡响地效果。


Here, something need to be said about the importance of character development and its implications on all aspects of life. Based on ancient wisdom and time-tested values, a virtuous character is the foundation for success and prosperity while it acts as the bedrock of a solid family and a peaceful community. Truthfulness, commitment, compassion, respect, trustworthiness and all the other virtues that we cherish and look for in each other, need to be incorporated in our education system from early childhood all the way to higher education and special training programs.

这里, 我们还需要指出的是品德发展的重要性以及它对我们生活的各个方面的影响。自古至今的价值观都体现了良好的品德不仅是成功和繁荣的基础,同时也是建立一个稳固的家庭和和谐社会的基石。我们人类所赞美的一些美德如诚实,坚守承诺,富有同情心,尊重他人,维护诚信等等都需要纳入到我们的幼儿教育,高等教育及各种培训教育方案之中。


Learning-by-doing and internship plays an important role in the process of learning and it is quickly becoming a preferred mode of education. Today, students after finishing their higher education find that they need to learn afresh on the job skills that often they did not learn at school. In this light, the vocational schools, put a great deal of emphasis on hands-on practical applications of the learning process.  



Institutions of learning and schools, faced with the tremendous challenges of the modern times, are also in a state of change and transition to address human potential and knowledge with a global perspective. New fields of study are emerging in response to the basic needs and rights of people worldwide as well as useful technology that makes life easier, brings people closer together and addresses environmental issues. Meanwhile virtual schools and universities have seen tremendous growth as the convenience of learning through the internet and multi-media brings education to greater number of people worldwide.



Meanwhile, we are witnessing the effective role of the media and entertainment industry including the internet, television, radio, film, music, print & the arts in reaching out to the hearts and the minds of the new generation. Although, the focus of the global media is primarily on violence, conflict and controversy, we are also seeing the emergence of non-profit public broadcasting and its positive effect in inspiring, enlightening and empowering the public. 

同时,我们正在目睹着媒体和娱乐业,包括互联网,电视,广播,电影,音乐,出版刊物及艺术对新一代年轻人身心和精神的影响。 虽然,全球媒体的焦点主要集中于报道暴力,冲突和有争议相关的题材,然而非盈利性的新兴公共广播产业也为社会带来了鼓舞人心,启迪心智 和激发公众的积极的影响。


EDU21 research is bound to explore the new frontiers of education and learning. We are committed to working with individuals, public institutions, private entities & media to find new and effective models of education to address the complex needs of the global community in terms of social, economic and ecological balance.



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