EDU21 is a U.S. based organization focused on research and development of Innovative educational programs to meet the needs of the global community for universal and integrated education.

EDU21 是一家以满足全球社会整合教育为核心的,专注于创意教育项目的研究和开发的教育机构。


21st century represents a new chapter in the advancement of civilization. We are connecting with each other across the planet at an incredible and ever-increasing scale. More and more people worldwide now have access to tremendous amounts of information through the internet and the media. Against this backdrop, we are now facing great challenges globally in terms of social, economic and ecological balance and stability.



EDU21 explores the frontiers of education and the process of learning by creating resources, programs and networks that offer new approaches to education while incorporating some of the traditional models of learning. In this process and in order to maximize human potential, it is important to focus on all aspects of human development including spiritual, mental and physical while creating a balanced social, economic and ecological framework that would optimize the development process.

EDU21在探索教育前沿的过程中,结合一些传统的学习模式,以崭新的整合教育体制为基础有效地开发相关资源,提供相应的教育方案及网络。在这个过程中,为了极大限度地提高人力潜能,为培养适于社会, 经济及生态环境平衡发展的新型人才,我们的教育理念将侧重于人类精神,身心及智能的全方位的发展。


EDU21 realizes that all human beings are endowed with special gifts and capacities that need to be nourished and shared. Therefore, everyone and at any age can be a learner while sharing their knowledge and experience with others. This is particularly important as the scope and dimensions of learning keep expanding. Active participation of the community in the education of children and youth can be of tremendous value to their long-term development and growth.



EDU21 believes that effective education must address the various dimensions of human development in terms of spirit, mind and body. We also feel that education can be the cause of global social, economic and ecological balance while it needs the global balance to be effective. In this paradigm, education leads to human empowerment, innovative paths of service and the advancement of civilization

EDU21坚信有效的教育模式必须注重人类精神,身心及智能全方位的发展。我们也认为, 当全球谈及平衡发展的同时,教育可以成为其社会,经济及生态平衡发展的推动力。在这样的模式中,教育引导和激励人类 为文明社会的进步开辟一条崭新的途径。


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